ENGR 661
Computer Networks II.
Source code from UNIX Network Programming by W. R. Stevens, Prentice-Hall, 1990 with research articles.
                            ENGR 656
Operating System Design Concepts.
The Design and Implementation of the 4.3BSD UNIX Operating System
by S. J. Leffler, M. K. McKusick, M. J. Karles, & J. S. Quarterman.
                            CSCI 561
Computer Networks I.
Unix Network Programming, 2nd ed., by W. R. Stevens, Prentice-Hall, 1998;
Internetworking with TCP/IP, 4th ed., by D. E. Comer, Prentice-Hall, 2000; and research articles.
              CSCI 531
Artificial Intelligence.
The Handbook of AI, Vol. I edited by A. Barr and E. Feigenbaum.
                            CSCI 525
Compiler Construction.
Compiler Design in C by A. Holub.
Old texts: Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools
by A. Aho, R. Sethi, and J. Ullman.
A Small C Compiler: Language, Usage, Theory, and Design by J. Hendrix.
              CSCI 524
Distributed Operating System Design.
Distributed Operating System Design by A. S. Tanenbaum.
Old texts: Distributed Operating Systems: The Logical Design by A. Goscinski.
The LOCUS Distributed System Architecture by G. Popek and B. Walker plus three research articles.
              CSCI 523
Operating Systems.
Operating Systems: Understanding the Linux Kernel by D. P. Bovet & M. Cesati.
Old Texts: Design and Implementation by A. S. Tanenbaum.
Operating System Design: The XINU Approach by D. Comer.
A Commentary on the UNIX Operating System by J. Lions.
              CSCI 521
Computer Systems Engineering.
Three chapters from:
Computer Engineering: a DEC View by G. Bell, C. Mudge, and J. McNamara.
Selection of articles concerning topics in computer packaging.
              CSCI 444
Multimedia Design and Development.
Project management handouts.
Electronic brochure architecture handouts.
              TC 432
Local Area Networks.
Local Networks (3rd ed) by W. Stallings.
              CSCI 423
Introduction to Operating Systems.
Operating Systems: Understanding the Linux Kernel by D. P. Bovet & M. Cesati.
Old Texts: Design and Implementation by A. S. Tanenbaum.
An Introduction to Operating Systems by H. Deitel.
                            CSCI 391
Computer Graphics.
Zen of Graphics Programming by Michael Abrash
Old text: Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice by J.D. Foley, et. al.
                            CSCI 361
Computer Networks.
Computer Networks (4th ed) by A. S. Tanenbaum.
              CSCI 352
Process Control.
Microcomputer Interfacing by Artwick and
The LSI-11 Microcomputer Handbook.
              CSCI 351
Minicomputers: Organization, Programming, and Applications
by R. Eckhouse.
Old Text: The Minicomputer in the Laboratory by J. Cooper.
              CSCI 323
Sair Linux/GNU Installation & Configuration, by P. T. Maginnis
Sair Linux/GNU System Administration, by P. T. Maginnis
Old Texts:Introduction to Operating Systems by A. M. Lister,
The PDP-11 Software Handbook,
and the 1978 special issue of the Bell System Technical Bulletin.
              CSCI 223
Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming.
Computer Systems: A Programmer's Perspective, by R.E. Bryant & D. O'Hallaron
Old Texts: Computer Organization by A. S. Tanenbaum.
IBM PC Assembly Language and Programming (3rd ed) by P. Abel.
IBM Assembly Language Programming with Assist
The IBM CMS System 370 User's Guide
PDP-11 Assembly Language Programming
              CSCI 112
Data Structures.
Data Structures + Algorithms = Programs by N. Wirth.
              CSCI 111
Programming II.
Pascal: an Introduction to Methodological Programming
by W. Findlay and D. Watt.
              CSCI 101
Programming I.
FORTRAN programming.