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Annotated Web References for OpenOffice Entry point for the OpenOffice Project. A leading international office suite that will run on all major platforms and provide access to all functionality and data through open-component based APIs and an XML-based file format. Download Central Links to free community Support, commercial support and training, books, and general community resources. Documentation for the various programs that make up the suite in the form of User FAQs, HOWTOs, Samples, and Templates. 30-day free support! for Developers. Search and review Open Office code snippets solving common programming tasks. Also upload your solutions! The Community Council adjudicates conflicts and offers a forum for community members; it can also suggest Project goals. Incubator provides a space for community members to test ideas. Native-Language Confederation (NLC) is composed of those projects working on all aspects related to the localization and support of, including localization, QA, support, documentation, and marketing. Accepted Projects are core technical projects as well as key user information projects. Distribution includes the Mirrors Project, CD-ROM Project, OEM Project, and the experimental P2P project. Provides modules that contribute to the OpenOffice website look. To further the growth and use of throughout the world and act as a communications group within the project. Detailed feature guide of (soon to be released) 2.0 as compared to OpenOffice.org1.1. Encourage the use of by post-secondary school staff, faculty, and students, and to provide a central node for the development of by students, either working alone or in a class. Helpful discussion group & more links! Used these in the presentation. More links to documentation. Templates for advanced documents. Example source to automated features. OpenOffice unofficial FAQ. Tips for setting up and using OpenOffice Off-the-Wall columns by Bruce Byfield OpenOffice Version 2.0 Beta By: Bruce Byfield

PDF file Command menu selection comparision between Microsoft Word and OpenOffice By: Bruce Byfield

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