CSCI561 - Computer Networks

Program Four

Using Steven's echo client as a starting point, create a minimal Post Office Protocol Version 3 (POP3) client.

See class handout, for RFC3206, RFC2449, RFC2384, RFC2095, RFC1957, and RFC1734.


  1. From time to time a Post Office Protocol Version3 (POP3) client checks with its mail server for new mail and downlaods it to the PC.

    Do not forget to kill your servers. Please clean up after yourself and do not leave your servers laying around for someone else to kill. They will fill the process table and prevent others from completing the assignment. Thank you.

    Once the program is working properly, use the script program (type "man script" to see how to use it) to show your source changes, the compiler output, and the execution of the server.

    This seems weird, but it works as a server demonstration. Use telnet to connect to your server. Type "GET ...", you will see the response and it will be saved in the script file. Print out the script file and hand it in to me on Thurs, Oct. 8th.

    telnet 25
    RCPT TO:
    Date: 1 Nov 2012
    Test Message