CSCI561 - Computer Networks

Program Seven

Implement a firewall using Iptables

See class handout.


  1. Purchase a 2 or 4 GB USB drive

  2. Download favorite version of Linux

  3. Use "Startup Disk Creator" or

  4. Erase contents of USB drive

  5. Write ISO image and boot on USB drive

  6. Turn off target computer

  7. Plug in USB drive

  8. Power on target computer

  9. After firmware splash screen, type <F12>, or <F8> or <F11> depending on the BIOS, to obtain the boot menu

  10. Select the USB storage drive with the <Arrow> keys and press <Enter>

  11. Copy the iptable start scripts Fire wall load, Fire wall clear, Fire wall knock to your machine with "wget" or
    for example.

  12. Use the scripts to block access from a server to client using port example and an IP address example.
    OR implement the port knocking example but with a different pattern.