Linux Device Driver Kit

This CD contains all that is needed to learn how to create Linux Device Drivers.

The contents of this cd are broken down into three major categories:

  • Documentation
  • Linux Kernel source code
  • the book, "Linux Device Drivers"


The best place to start in learning about Linux kernel programming is the main kernel HOWTO. This file gives you a good overview of some of the other files in the Documentation directory that are useful as well as some tips for web sites that can help answer specific questions.

There are a lot of different files in the Documentation directory. The main index file gives a short overview of the different files and subdirectories in this location.

The Linux kernel creates a wide range of different documents directly from the source code itself. Here are links to some of these documents:

Linux kernel source code

There is a full, expanded copy of the latest Linux kernel source code available at the time this cd was created. It is located here and can be used to build external modules directly against. For more information on how to build and use this source tree, please see the kbuild documentation.

Linux Device Drivers book

The entire copy of the book, "Linux Device Drivers, Third Edition" is available here.