CSCI 487 Senior Project
Project Grading

Semester Grading Breakdown

CSCI487 is a regular, graded course. Your semester grade will be based on the instructor's overall evaluation of the quality of your work. You are expected to attend all required class meetings, to prepare high-quality materials and presentations, to submit all required materials on time, and to interact with your sponsor, instructor, and fellow students in a professional and effective manner.

The instructor will not view the grading for this course as a strict point system. The following factors, with the given relative weights, will contribute to the determination of your semester grade:

Prospectus 5%
Bibliography 5%
Design Specification and Presentation 10%
Contract Agreement 5%
License Agreement 5%
Users' Manual 15%
Program Listing and Description 20%
Oral Presentation 10%
Sponsor Evaluation 10%
Final Report 15%

Department Grading Policy

It is the policy of the Department that no grades of "I" (Incomplete) will be assigned in this course for failure to complete the project on schedule. If you do not complete the project by the end of the semester, a grade of "F" will be assigned.