CSCI 323 Homework Assignments

Below is the list of Linux-based homework assignments you will need to complete for this class.  You may practice these assignments at home or in the Linux lab during the normal Computer Science department hours.  To receive credit, you must demonstrate the assignment to the Graduate Assistant during the scheduled times.  All grades are pass and fail - you may practice as much as you like, but each assignment must be successfully completed by the date listed below.

Homework exercises are sequential. Earlier assignment must be passed before going onto the next assignment. To prove that you have mastered an earlier assignment, show your previous homework passing grade to the Graduate Assistant (GA). They will grade your current assignment and notify the instructor.

Undergraduate Assignments

  1. Homework One

  2. Homework Two

  3. Homework Three

  4. Homework Four

  5. Homework Five

  6. Homework Six

  7. Homework Seven

  8. Homework Eight

  9. Homework Nine

  10. Homework Ten

  11. Homework Eleven