CSCI 323 - Linux - Installation, Configuration, and Use

Tobin Maginnis, Instructor

sudo mount -o loop -t iso9660 $SELECTED_FILE_PATHS /media/$NAME
Example Shell Commands

Introduction to bash
Advanced bash
Bash by Example, part 1
Bash by Example, part 2
GNU bash
GNU bash reference manual
Show the parent executing this script
Show 50 random numbers
List the largest "n" files in the current directory
Syntax for bash loops that count to 5
Show file properties
Demonstrate file globbing
Show which file has more lines
Demonstrate functions, loops, and file input
Show return values from a function
Show the difference between returned value and it local copy

  • Installing and Configuring System Software in Linux
    1. Introduction to Linux
    2. Common Linux (Unix) Commands and Concepts
    3. Linux File System
    4. Text Editors and Tex Processing
    5. Routine System Administration
    6. Networking
    7. Linux IP Multicast
    8. X Window System
    9. Hitch Hiker's X Window System Guide