CSCI 300 - Ethics
Presentation Evaluation Form

To the presenter: write your Name and Paper Title on the blackboard in large block letters.

Name of Presenter: ____________________________________________________________
Term Paper Title: ____________________________________________________________
Evaluator: ____________________________________________________________

Please give the presenter a score from 1 (very weak) to 10 (very strong) in each of the following categories.

Professional Appearance: __________
Effective Organization of Presentation: __________
Appropriate Use of Audiovisual Aids: __________
Presentation Mannerisms and Audience Eye Contact: __________
Clarity of Presentation Speech: __________
Effective Explanation of Topic: __________
Ethical Considerations: __________
Mastery of Paper Topic: __________
Helpful Responses to Questions: __________
Overall Quality: __________
TOTAL SCORE (maximum is 100) __________

Additional Comments (continue on back if needed)