CSCI 259 - Programming in C++ with C ideoms

Tobin Maginnis (ptm at olemiss dot edu)



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Assignment One - Covert pizza program syntax
Assignment Two - Prompt the user to enter two integer values
Assignment Three - The exponential function
Assignment Four - Debug version 6.7 of the expression parser
Assignment Five - File I/O
Take Home Final

Text Book
Abe Books - Stroustrup - C++ Programming Principles
Amazon - Stroustrup - C++ Programming Principles
C++ Programming Principles Web Page
Complete calculator.cpp

Explanation of the doubling interval
Expoential growth of digital solutions
47 percent of U.S. jobs may be automated within the next 20 years
Humans Need Not Apply
You Are Not Late

International Obfuscated C Code Contest
Sandwich Grammar
Which programming language is more popular - C or C++?
Common Aliases
C++ Cheat Sheets
C++ Operator Precedence
Unix Command Tutorials
Basic Emacs Editor Commands (html)
Vim Command Reference (html)
Another Vi Command Reference (pdf)
VIM Command Reference (pdf)
VIM Keyboard Command Layout (pdf)
Regular Expressions Reference (pdf)

Description Representation
\' single quote byte 0x27
\" double quote byte 0x22
\? question mark byte 0x3f
\\ backslash byte 0x5c
\0 null character byte 0x00
\a audible bell byte 0x07
\b backspace byte 0x08
\f form feed - new page byte 0x0c
\n line feed - new line byte 0x0a
\r carriage return byte 0x0d
\t horizontal tab byte 0x09
\v vertical tab byte 0x0b
\nnn arbitrary octal value byte nnn
\xnn arbitrary hexadecimal value byte nn
\unnnn arbitrary Unicode value.
May result in several characters.
code point U+nnnn
\Unnnnnnnn arbitrary Unicode value.
May result in several characters.
code point U+nnnnnnnn
Why do computer scientists always confuse Halloween and Christmas? Because Oct 31 is just a different base for Dec 25.

Include the following header in your program

 * CSCI259 C++ Programming
 * Assignment x
 * Date:
 * Name(s):
 * I Pledge Myself to Uphold the Highest Standards of Honesty
 * in My University Life and I Will Not Tolerate Dishonesty on
 * the Part of Others.
 * Honor Code